I find it really infuriating when people say “I could never be in a long distance relationship, I like sex too much” if I’m talking about, or they are addressing, my own long distance relationship.

I mean it’s fine to know that an ldr wouldn’t be for you, it’s fine to not want to seek out or be part of a long distance relationship, but don’t make it sound like your “insane libido” is the deciding factor in thinking long distance relationships just aren’t for you. Do not ever just assume or suggest that a person in a long distance relationship is “less of a sexual person” for wanting to pursue an ldr.

And yes, you may like sex as much as you say, but when you’re giving the whole “I like sex too much” all you’re really saying is “I put my sexual need over the love and trust of my partner.” And if that’s so, fine. If that’s how you work, fine. But then why are you comparing your completely different morals and lifestyle choices, to my own?

I love sex. I love sex a lot. But as much as I love and enjoy sex I also love and enjoy my partner. Although I have to go without sex for long periods of time, I’m happy to do so because the love and need for my partner is greater than my need to fuck a random nobody.

If you can’t understand that simple concept, you have no right to give input on my relationship or my choices, you complete and utter tool.